Show Rules 2023

  1. All exhibits must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor. All animals must be the property of the exhibitor since 1st August 2023.
  2. The Judge's decision as to merit must be final. Any objection on other points to be lodged before 5 p.m. on day of the Show with the Secretary, together with a fee of £5. All objections to be declared by the Sub Committee and the fee returned except the objection be considered frivolous.
  3. The Judges shall award a first prize without competition, where in their opinion, there is decided merit.
  4. No second prize shall be awarded by the judge in any class in which at least three exhibits and no third prize in any in which four exhibits, the property of different owners, shall not appear before them. In the farm and garden produce section no exhibitor can be awarded more than 2 prizes in any class. An exhibitor will not under any circumstances be awarded more than 2 first prizes in cash with the same exhibit. However, there is no limit to the number of Rosettes that may be awarded to any exhibit.
  5. All entries must be accompanied by appropriate Entry Fees. Cattle Movement Certs must be returned with entry forms.
  6. Equine Premises Registration Number must be quoted on equine entry forms.
  7. The Show Yard will be open at 8.00 a.m. All the exhibits must be in before10 a.m. No exhibit may be removed until 4.00 p.m. Exhibitors failing to comply with this rule may forfeit their prize money.
  8. Judging in all sections will commence at 11.00 a.m. sharp unless otherwise stated.
  9. All exhibitors must be shown under the owner's name and must be the property of the exhibitor. Only one caretaker of each lot of Cattle, Horses and Sheep will be admitted and must remain in charge of his lot during the time the Show is open. Untrained geldings or fillies must be shown in headstall or cavessons. Bulls must be secured by screw or ring in the nose, with a stick, chain or rope attached and must be in charge of a caretaker, otherwise they cannot be admitted. Cows, heifers or bullocks to be led by halter on their heads. All competing animals to be distinguished by clearly visible numbers only.
  10. Subject to the foregoing regulations, the management of the Show will bein the hands of a Sub-Committee, who in the event of non-attendance of judges, or in any unforeseen emergency, will make such orders and arrangements as those circumstances may appear to warrant.
  11. If a Sub-Committee entertains a doubt as to whether anything exhibited be in accordance with the Rules of Society, it will be competent for them to require that the exhibitor will make a declaration regarding the matter in question and if the above Committee shall decide any such declaration to be if any, shall lapse to the Society.
  12. Horses awarded a prize may be subject to Veterinary examination.
  13. The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or accident that may occur to either exhibitor or general public or exhibits.
  14. In case it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Committee that the owner of any animal exhibited or any person in his employment or under his control has been guilty of any violation of the rules or regulations, or of any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the officials, or any practice calculated to mislead or deceive or to secure an unfair advantage, or to decline to have his animal led out for adjudication, such will entitle the Committee to disqualify the animal or animals, to withhold any prize or prizes awarded, to withhold all fees and deposits, to remove the exhibitor, grooms or animals from the Show Grounds and to prevent the exhibitor from competing at this or any future Show of the Society.
  15. No person will be allowed to enter the judging ring with the Judge, except the Stewards of that class and those in charge of the animals. No Stewart shall officiate in any class in which he or any of his family is an exhibitor or wear his Steward's badge showing such exhibits.
  16. Should any question arise not provided for in the foregoing conditions, the same must be referred to the sub-Committee whose decision shall be final and from which there is no appeal and entries are accepted on these conditions.
  17. The ages of young cattle shall be determined according to conditions set out for different classes. These conditions will be strictly enforced and the cattle examined prior to the judging to see that the age conditions are strictly fulfilled and beasts not of proper age will be removed from the class.
  18. Exhibitors may enter for more than one class by paying the entrance fee for such classes.
  19. Exhibits not accepted by post.
  20. Return of Cups – The person to whom a Cup is awarded shall give security to the Society that the Cup will be delivered to the Society in as good condition as it was received at least Fourteen days previous to the date of the succeeding Show.
  21. The Show Committee reserves to itself the right to cancel any part of the Show. It also has the right to accept or refuse any entry.
  22. The Irish Shows Association’s Levy will be deducted from prize money where applicable.
  23. The Show Committee will not be responsible for the sale of any item or exhibit.
  24. The Show Committee reserve the right to substitute cash prizes with vouchers for product.

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